2 Things to consider before you use Google’s Disavow tool!


Google has finally done us a favor?  This new tool that most SEO’S were calling for since the recent Penguin updates that are frequently coming out called the Disavow Link tool is a little shady in my opinion.

The disavow tool is being talked about as a way to tell Google which links you have pointing to your site that are spam or trash.  This sounds like a great option for SEO’S who have websites that have been hurt bad by penguin.  If you have been building bad links to a website and it was negatively effected then simply being able to tell Google which links to not count is a dream come true.  But why would Google do this?

The entire purpose of the Penguin update and for that matter every algorithm update of any kind is to reduce SPAM.  Google continues to profess the reason to reduce spam is to produce the best search results for everyone.  While I agree with this motive it further begs the question why would Google allow those who have built bad links to websites remove them.  Google has long taken the stance they do not like any one trying to “game the system”.

We have heard every type of Black, White and Grey hat being associated with tactics to get a website ranked.  We have seen the White hat version which I will always argue is simply producing great content and hoping others will link to it.  Black hat has always been looked at as some one trying to game the system and tricking Google into rankings.  Grey hat is just everything in between.

Ranking a website takes time, energy and great content.  That is plain and simple.  Yes there are some other things you can do but in a perfect world content will always be the deciding factor if all links and everything else are the same.

I have the feeling this Disavow tool is a trick!  Google has been looking for link farms and spam links with low content for a long time.  They continue to adjust the algorithm just to get rid of content like this.  Is there a better way to grow the database of bad links or spammy websites then to have those punished by the updates to send them to you.delete-spam-links

Google sent the SEO’s scrambling and then provided them an outlet to address the issue.  All you have to do is tell them what links are bad and websites they come from.  The amount of spam data they will get over the next few months will be more then they can collect in a long time themselves.  It is the perfect crime if you will.

There will be some many additional link farms and spammy websites taken down over the next few months it will be unbelievable.  Do I agree with reducing SPAM yes I do but at what cost. The fallout from this will be widespread and I don’t believe any one will be safe.

Lets look at a few reasons to consider not using this tool

You are outright telling Google that you cheated.

I am not saying that Google will punish you forever but consider this.  You have a bad link profile and you decide to submit all of your links.  Is it possible that you will be held accountable in the future for your shady practices?  They will tell you NO, but are you really willing to take a chance.  It seems better to spend the time and energy to develop the links to your website and get your results naturally.

If you want to believe Google consider the EMD (exact match update) that for so long was said to have no major impact on the rankings.  How did that EMD update effect your website?  The stories of website taken off the map are a mile long. It is crazy to believe what Google says when it comes to search.  They are a for profit company and in the end will have to address making a profit.

When you tell some one that you have done something wrong do they ever hold it against you in the future?  Enough said.  Telling the BOSS you are a cheater will only give them something to hold against you.


How many websites that are good will be hurt?

You have to remember that you are not alone.  When you tell Google which links are bad you might be taking down entire networks.  It seems like everyone was partaking int the bad links and that will include great websites.  Links that you might have remaining on the websites might not be worth as much if perhaps they also have some of the links.

In my opinion the links that point to a lot of websites are simply bad.  When you see stats that show hundreds of thousands of links to a website and it is not news related and only has 20-30 pages of content.  There might be a one off situation but lets not kid our selves.  Websites that rank well today have no reason to rank well if the link profiles were really examined.

When we openly give Google data to point where these bad websites are, there will be a lot of fallen websites.  Innocent bystander’s will be impacted because of the actions of so few trying to get back results they did not earn in the first place.   Consider others before you go and take down another livelihood.


Yes this is a rant but let me advise anyone who understands the ramification of using this tool it will hurt a lot of websites.  You might have more bad links than you think on our website.  Ones that look good now but may not be once the links submitted are analyzed.

Let me know your thoughts on the topic.  I am interested to see what others think.

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