3 quick SEO tips you must do!


With so much  going into a website and SEO work to rank well in the search engines, it can be easy to get lost in where to start and what to do 1st.  Your time as a website owner is limited by the business that you run.  Most small business owners or bloggers do 100% or the work to keep the company or website going.

It can be hard to set aside hours a week to read and learn SEO as well as actually doing SEO on the website.  In a matter of moments online you can find any number of must do’s for an SEO campaign, too many in fact!

To set the story straight SEO is a continual process.  Doing any one thing will typically not have much of an impact, in fact i wrote a post about the “Silver Bullet Theory with SEO”.  You will find that if you take the right steps over time will create a great base for content to rank well.

If you only have 1 hour to dedicate to SEO right now here is what you should do that will help you out in the future with your website rankings.

1. Make sure your website is actually getting indexed by Google.

I have heard too many times someone complaining of no traffic only to find the website is not even indexed to Google or any of the search engines.

The easiest way to find out this data is to use Google.  Go to and in the search bar type in

This will give you a bird’s eye view of the amount of your content that Google has saved in their index. If you are unfamiliar with how Google works as simple example is that Google is a huge database of links.  When a searcher looks for “blue widgets” Google goes to the database of info they have collected and then returns a result to the searchers based on what is in the database.  If your website does not show up in the database then ranking in Google is not even possible.

Making sure that your website is in the Google index can ensure you are on the right track for ranking.  This data can also bring up several issues that might cause ranking issues.  I will get into this in more detail in another post because there is so much that can be fixed by knowing this data.  In this post I just want to scratch the surface.

The biggest issue this can bring to our attention is duplicate content.  If you have 30 pages on your website but your Google site index shows 200 then you have a duplication problem.  There are several main causes for this and blogs suffer the most.  When you setup the website and add categories and tags you really need to understand that your website creates a page for each category and then each tag.  When you post an article and add it to 2 categories and then 2 tags you can create as much as 5 versions of that article on your website.

What causes the duplication?  Since each category produces a page, when you put your new post into that category it will add that content to that page.  So as an example if you add it to one category then you will have the original version of the article and then a 2nd version of the article in the category page.  You can see how this can get out of control quickly.  Websites with lots of categories and tags can have so much duplicate content that it does not help them rank well in the search engines because Google is not sure which one is more important.

Don’t confuse this for me telling you to not use categories and tags but you have to understand what happens when you use them.   You can set your website so that the search engines ignore the category and tag page versions and only index the original version.  This will cut duplicate content from the website.  More on this in a future post.

I am not saying this is an inclusive number to go based from but it will give you a great idea what the search engines are indexing.


best-way-to-put-a-phone-number-on-a-website2.  Make sure your contact info and Social Media sites are available on the website.

SEO is not only about rankings but about conversions.  The number one reason a searchers visits the website still remain contact information.  Since the world is moving to more mobile searching it can be understood that contact information is more important than ever.

I can’t tell you how many websites that I have been to that do not have the contact form setup or that it does not even work in the first place.  From a small business perspective keep your contact information in the top right.  That is the first place a persons eyes go to for the phone number.  It is also best to have the phone number actually added to the website in text format using html.  Many place the phone number in a graphic.  Mobile searchers who for example use an iPhone can not click on the number to call.  They would be required to write the number down and dial or try to remember it.  Look at the image attached. if the number is text-based then if a mobile user touches the number it will give an option to call right away.  Remember the ultimate goal of any website is to get a person to contact you.

Social media integration is so easy these days, there is no excuse to not have it on your website.  Adding a Facebook icon or twitter icon can be done in minutes.  Having these available to your visitors will help grow your social following.  Take advantage of this as much as possible.  Make it simple by placing the like and follow buttons on every page and everywhere you can get the images.

I have been to websites where the contact information is almost hidden.  Keep it in their face and you will receive more contact as a results.



3. Get Links

There is a lot of controversy over links right now with all of the algo changes we have seen.  The top factor for search ranking still sits with links and the value they add.  Dot let the search engines scare you because the links are still and will always be an important part of your website SEO.

Links in the beginning were a way to drive more traffic to your website.  Examples would be a company letting you put an article on their website or a website referring to your website for any reason.  When a website would put that link on their website back to yours it would help drive people to visit your website when they clicked on the links.  Once the search engines added this as a big ranking factor the internet went crazy trying to get links of any kind and value.

My main focus with links are to go after links that will produce traffic.  Simply adding your website link in a website that has no value to you will not help.

Here are a few criteria that I use before I will try to acquire link from a website.

  • Is the website in the same general business area as mine
  • Would this website ever give a bad name to my website.
  • Would I want to tell others that I have a link on that website

This is by no way an inclusive list or a must have in order to get a link but consider the traffic that may come from the link.  If the website you are getting  link from is about Golf and you run a local garage door company what value can that link really be.  If someone clicks on the link will they be a potential client?  I would say no.  Stick with similar websites so the traffic is valuable.

This will also help with your website rankings because the links will be relevant and valuable to your website and Google will reward you accordingly.

Who can you go after for links?

  • Similar local businesses
  • Local business directories
  • Local business owners would be more than happy to give you links that you are friends with
  • Local business review sites

This will get you started with links.  As long as you start getting links and continue over a long period of time you will find good rankings.  I have business websites that rank very well with less than 10 links because the links we received are very valuable to the website.


Final Take Away.

These few steps can help your overall SEO efforts. and ensure that future work is effective.  It doesn’t take a big budget to make small changes that can help.

  1. Make Sure the search engines know your website actually exists in the index
  2. Make sure your contact information is on the website and actually right
  3. Look for relevant links that are easy to get and will drive real qualified traffic to them.


Please let me know your thoughts on this topic.  Comment with any questions you may have and we will get into deeper detail on future posts about the same topics.


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