Answer your clients questions before they ask the question!


Imagine with me the perfect sales pitch.  You are sold a product by a random sales person and during the interaction the sales person is able to answer every question you have before you actually ask the question.  This takes away every reason you might have to question the product and its value and does the most important thing when it comes to sales, leaves you with no possible objections.

The most difficult part of sales is how to over come the objection.  Those few sales people who perfect this craft will simply outsell the rest.  The objection is simply what might cause a person to not purchase the item.  Great sales people either eliminate the possible questions by giving the answers before the question is asked or being quick on their feet and over coming any of the other objections quickly and with valuable answers.

How can you over come the objections?

Know your product inside and out.

When you understand your business and products you can easily answer questions without having to stop and ask questions from co-workers and bosses.  Think back to your last purchase where a salesman was involved.  Did the knowledge of the product help in any way to make the sale?  Of course.  We like to ask questions and get answers.  I think one of the big reasons why we do not like to shop for cars is because of this very reason.  The sales person has no ability to really make the deal, we know going into the dealership that we will have to go over the head of the sales person in order to get the info we need to make the deal.

The more you understand the better you can answer the questions that may come your way, What colors do they come in? What options are available?  Simple questions when you know the product.

Understand your competition and what they offer?

Your competition can be a bigger problem when you have no idea what they actually offer.  If they compete with you for the same clients understanding their pricing and what they may offer that is different can be a valuable commodity.  What if your competitor decided to charge 20% less for the same service you perform.  If you do not know about this or the details, it would be hard to sell against it.  Instead you cut prices to stay in check and simply loss money.  Had you understood what they were doing you would see maybe the lower price has a reduced service or fewer options to choose from.

does-the-sale-really-give-value-300x300I ran a study between a garage door company a few months back.  One was selling the spring repair service for 30% less than all of the others in the market.  Either this company had no ambition to make money or they were doing something different during the service call.  My client had cut prices to stay in line with this other companies prices.  After a few minutes of digging I was able to find the company decreased the service costs because they were also making the client sign up for a service plan that would allow the company to service the property a few times a year under contract.  They were giving up a little profit because they would make it back up in the service calls later the were guaranteed to get.

Far too often people cut costs to match with out actually understanding why they are cutting.  When you can answer questions about your competition and their products it often times keeps the client from even calling the other company because you informed them already of their options.


Let your website speak for you!

So many companies have websites that have no real value to the consumer.  I stumble upon websites on a regular basis that are filled with fluff data in most cases just so the website owner can have a website.  The website is there almost as a place marker so the business can say look i have a website.  Lets use our website for what they should be used for, as an extension of our sales force.

Your website affords you the ability to makes sales without having to involve sales people.  The perfect situation to address all of your clients needs with out the babbling and stumbling normal sales people might do.  You can state real facts, show different types of media and really engage a client right from the comfort of their home.  Tell stories and give details that are too hard to do in person.


The best tip I can give when it comes to your website.

Think for a few moments about your business.  Lets exam a lawyer for a minute and take you through the process I walk my clients through.

Gold top 10 winnerThis lawyer handles family law.  In the realm of family law they handle adoptions, divorce, child support and various other topics.  Lets look at adoption since I am familiar with the process since I have personally adopted.  The best thing you can do for your prospective client ti to provide them as much information as possible so they can study and grow by it.  Take the top 10 questions that you may get about Adoptions and answer them in detail on the website.

What was that you say?  Give them the valuable information before they actually call you?  YEP and do it for every service that you offer.  Your website can be a great way to pre-qualify your clients so that you are fielding phone calls and setting appointments with clients who are ready and willing to move forward with your services.  How many times can you recall speaking with a potential client for hours only to find out they not only don’t meet the needed requirements but they do not have the money either.  Well I can tell you if you do not say this happens a lot you are not being realistic with yourself.  We spend so much time talking with people who can not even proceed.  Had we spent that time focusing on existing clients or trying to grow the profitable part of or business or I don’t know maybe relaxing and enjoying life things might be much better for us.

Giving the details upfront to major questions can only make the future conversations with your clients stronger.  Your website is the perfect place to show off your knowledge and provide value without having to speak to ever person.  Lets examine a normal day.  You receive 20 phone calls and 5 of them are from your website leads.  This is great of course but what if your website has limited details and simply tries to get someone to call you.  Our of those 5 phone calls 3 of them are general questions that you know mean they are not going to do anything but you still spend 20 minutes on the phone for each call giving general information, maybe they will be future clients?  probably not (Just being real), 1 of the phone calls is a longer call maybe 30 minutes and it is clear by the end of the call they do not have the funds needed to retain your services (they will never be a client).  The last call is encouraging and sets an appointment for more real information.  Each of the phone calls have one thing in common, They usually ask the same questions.

Imagine if you could take the tie to answer the top questions for Adoption on your website.  The ending result is fewer calls but qualified calls.  Having a website with answers can help you sift through all of the potential clients and only pass to you the ones who really can do something.

I mentioned that we adopted.

The process was long and had several hoops to jump through in order to reach our ending goal of adoption.  So much of the time we spent up front was preparing documentation and filling out forms.  It was nice because we were able to dig hard enough and find most of this out online so when we meet our lawyer we already had all of the prep work completed.  If there had been one website that provided all of the info we needed to complete it would have been really helpful.  Instead we wasted our lawyers time and ours digging.  For the adoption section the lawyer could have listed that we need a marriage license for at least 2 years, 6 months bank statements and financial records for 2 years, 3 personal references in letter format, back ground checks and credit reports run through the state.  We spun our wheels for weeks gather all of this data because we did not know about it until after we meet with the lawyer.

We protect our knowledge as if we are the only one that understands it or it is sacred.  It is not but I do know that we as clients follow those who help us.  Providing the information ahead of time will make you look better and more prepared for the client.  Giving them registration forms to fill out ahead of time is very similar.  Make them give you details ahead of time so that you can have a productive meeting.  In our case the lawyer spent the 1st 2 meetings just learning about us.  Nothing productive was done until after the 3rd visit.  How can you work under those conditions.  Give the client the ability to be prepared and ask the right questions upfront instead of wasting your time asking questions that are basic in nature.

If you want to adopt but have only been married for 1 year then you are not ready to adopt by Kentucky state law.  Put this information on your website and you might actually stop this question from being asked and taking an appointment from someone you can not help in the first place.


A big reason to answer questions on your website?

The SEO value is huge.  No one else is doing this in your industry.  Think back to the last search you did online.  In my case with the adoption it was searches like, What is needed paperwork wise to adopt, where can I get a background check performed, What companies do home studies in Kentucky.  If you answer these questions on your website the chances of drawing in traffic are greatly boosted.  The fact is you are generating qualified leads with this type of content because the searcher is looking for details and since you are providing the information you are more likely to actually get the business.  In fact you can become the resource for them during the process when they have simple questions.


Take away

  • Don’t bottle up your information.  If it can help provide it and they will trust you for it.
  • Learn as much as you can and become the resource for your market.
  • Answer questions before they are asked.  Clients will look at you as authoritative when yo put the words in their mouth.

Please let me know your thoughts and comments below.  Don’t forget to check out the podcast.


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