Are Exact Match Domains still a good seo tactic.


A long used tactic with niche websites and seo’s is using an exact match domain.  Domain names are a big topic of debate when it comes to your website.  Do you go with a brand able domain name like using your business domain name or do you go with an SEO domain name where you are looking keyword specific to try and draw in more traffic.  Your future goals with the website needs to take presidence when choosing your domain name.

Exact Match domain names have been a big deal when trying to rank a website.  Niche websites (websites about a specific topic is an example) have been using this technique for a long time.  Infact most websites consider this first.

There has been a theory that you get a little extra from Google when the domain name matches the keyword you are trying to rank for.  You can follow the trends if you have any of these exact match domain names and see how they react when Google releases new updates and refreshes.  I have for some time been concerned when will the ball drop and Google will remove the extra sauce with the domain name and tank any of these websites that have been built.

I have around 50 exact match domain names in my portfolio.  I have been building them for about a year.  I was very slow to get into this market because of the fear of being de-indexed or putting a lot of time and money and not get anything in return.  I followed some of the big bloggers like the adsenseflippers and nichepursuits and through a hybrid version I decided to give it a shot.  My process was simple in theory.

  1. Do topic research by using Longtail Pro
  2. Use the results to find easier to rank for keywords
  3. Pick an exact match domain name
  4. Create 3-5 pages of content for that domain that is keyword specific
  5. Produce a simple WordPress blog
  6. Add ad-sense to the website
  7. Wait for rankings.

I was spending around $40 per website and have had some decent success.  No I am not making 5k a month but I have recouped all of my money and made a little.  To be honest it has helped me develop some ideas that otherwise I would not have chosen to go after.

My experience with exact match domain names has been good.  I can get exact match domain names ranked fairly easily when it comes to low competition keywords.

All of my niche websites are fully dependent on Exact Match domains.  If this change were to happen I believe it will hit my websites hard.  SEOMOZ report that came out this morning in reference to Matcutts twitter post has me wondering has the end come for my niche websites?


I am a little concerned but the reality is that I have little to no control over any of it.  If Google does this major change I will have no choice but to deal with it.  I can complain and go on crazy rants or just look to see how I can change.  I guess time will tell.

I have looked over the domains that I have and it does appear that my websites have been effected.  Of course as usual I will wait a few days to see how the change will really effect me.  We see the proverbial Google Dance happen quite often and today the ranking may be one thing and tmr a different.  I do hope that the overall result will be positive.  The past few panda and penguin updates have been positive for me not negative.

I advise reading over the SEOmoz post by Dr. Pete and you will get a really detailed article about Exact Match domains.

Let me know how your websites are reacting to the EMD change just released.



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