Is your Website design that important?


The design of your website seems to be one of the big topics when business owners and bloggers get started online.   How much of an impact does the website design have on your business?  Considering this question is a hard task.  Every business needs to be concerned with the look and feel of the company and online is no different.

I fully agree that design is important.  This website has been a thorn in my side when it comes to design and I am sure it always will be.  I am a perfectionist by nature and dealing with design can be a challenge.  After several months of tweaking and adjusting I have come to a few conclusions that might help you stop working on your design and start focusing on your business.  If you continue to spend time and resources working on a design it will only hold you back from your business.

To be CLEAR, design is important just not the most important thing about your website.  If you are using WordPress every basic theme will come with a design that will be enough to get you started.  It take months to get the search engines to notice you and the traffic to start rolling in.  None of this is done by design.  I see businesses and bloggers spend the 1st 2-3 months working on the design with no content being produced.  Use your time wisely and work on content 1st and adjust design when the need arises.


Most visitors are there for content not Design!

When focusing on the design of a website as the most important feature it can make you produce lower quality content.  Remember the focus of your website should be the content.  Searchers who find your website find it because of content not design.  At this stage in search design only matters if it slows the website load times down.  The search engines are more concerned about the content than design.

Do a few searches yourself and take a look at the top 10 pages, you will see several websites that are down right UGLY.  I am not saying to do nothing with the design, but to focus on content more.  The search engines reward quality and unique content that answers the searchers questions beast.  Focus your time and energy on that part of your business.  There will come a time when the design is important but in the beginning producing quality content should take priority.


Does your Design make the sale or does the focus of the Website?

Yes and No is the answer here.  I believe most of the sales take place with the content and media that you present to your visitors.  Design does matter but only if it is bad or offensive.  There are cases where a great design will help sell your business but consider the websites you visit and purchase from.  How much of your time is spent on the design over the content.  you are there to make purchases not critic the design.

Designs give a great 1st impression and no one can deny that.  Have you ever visited a website that has a great design that really catches your eye but lacks in content?  I have and guess what?  I did not buy because the content was not what I am looking for.  Focus on the sale and what it takes to get your point across.

You make the business not the design or any other part.  Your clients buy into you and what you can do for them.


Do the visitors really notice what you believe is missing?

The one thing that I know for sure is that we see our own mistakes more than others.  I have sent a considerable amount of time speaking in public for 30-45 minutes at a time.  One of the biggest concerns revolves around mistakes I might make during the speech.  After a few speeches I would ask my wife how I did, did I seem nervous, did she catch the mistake I made?

mistakes-happen-with-contentThe truth is we all make mistakes in everything that we do.  Most will not admit it but will come across an email where someone points out a misspelling on your website or a flyer that you produced, tells you you did not punctuate the right way or something yo did wrong.  Does it make you or your business bad because of the mistake?  NO.

When speaking one of the greatest pieces of advice I was ever given was concerning mistakes.  “If you make a mistake or say something wrong just keep going.  Don’t stop and apologize or bring attention to the mistake.  Move on like nothing happened”.  My first thought was that would be rude not to mention a mistake.  After a few mistakes and using this theory, I realized I was the one making the big deal about it.  No one even brought up the mistake.

The reality is that most people whether reading or listening to you will not see or hear everything that you say or write.  They will get bits and pieces.  When you bring attention to a problem you are making them aware of it where they normally would not have caught it anyways.  We will always be or own worst Critic there is no reason to invite others to the party as well.  In certain cases if the mistake is really bad you might make an apology but not for every situation.

Design flaws will exist just as they will in content.  Do the best you can with the design but in the end spend just enough time to get the project moving.


Final Take Away

  • Focus on content and deal with the design when it is needed.
  • Don’t point out every mistake because others will not catch them either and if they do will usually not consider them a big deal.

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