Niche Websites, are they still profitable?


I must say that few things really catch my attention online and interest me enough to crack open the wallet and spend money.  I am so used to getting all of the spammy e-mails that tell of “Lottery” size earnings every day.  I am a very pessimistic person so those e-mails go straight into the trash.  A few months ago (6) I decided to invest a little time and money into building small websites with a few pages of content and placing adsense ads on those websites.  It has turned out to be a great way to test SEO ideas without messing up any client websites.  Even if the promise of making thousands a month were to turn out to be false, the expierence alone is worth the small fortune that I know have wrapped up into the niche websites.

I was convinced to give Niche websites a try after reading some of the great posts over at Niche Pursuits.  Few posts have moved me to action.  After several readings I was intrigued.  Could it be possible to make so much money that I could build these small websites and stop having to deal with clients and expectations and just market myself (more on this n a minute).  I did more research and continued to find small success stories one after another.  Were they true, I was set to find out.


Niche Websites

The basic idea behind Niche websites are small websites with specific content to match a singular topic.  Example: would have a few articles like Blue Widgets, Round Blue widgets, The Best Blue Widgets etc.  The simple Idea is to take one concept and create enough unique content to get ranked.  If the whole website is dedicated to one topic then it can be looked at as the authority online.  Placing Google Adsense on the website and getting traffic will lead to making money.

That of course is the basic idea.  As with everything there is more to the story.


My Concerns

Would I be able to rank the websites, Would the website keep a good ranking providing the must needed traffic, Would I be able to keep the content fresh and relevant, Will the websites be more hassell than worth, Would I get banned from the adsense program after setting up so many websites and investing so much time?  These are some of the basic questions that ran through my mind but there were so many more.

I decided to take the step and go for it.


Well it has not been all that it was cracked up to be!

I have been diligently building niche websites for around 5 Months.  Has it been a complete failure?  NO but lets just say that I am not making $3,455 every day in adsense earnings.  I have learned that not all ventures produce results equal to the effort and money spent on it.  I was smart enough to research the project and start out small and limit the amount of articles on the websites.

Here was my first process.

Find a decent domain, use a wordpress theme, have 5 articles written ( add a few plugins, add adsense content and start over again on the next one.  That is my process in a very simple form.  I realized that with the ease of WordPress and creating one theme and then using it over and over would cut down on time.  Using a content writer would increase the cost of each website but cut down on the time vested in each project, after all at around $40 per website I figures I would build 20 websites and them see what happens.  So for the low price of $800 I could find out how much those adsense websites can make.

The let down!

I spent more time than I expected building the websites.  Even hiring the writing it still consumed a lot of time.  I have sense then refined my process much more and cut down the build process considerably. Feb-March was the building process for the round of 20 websites.  To date I have made a WHOPPING $565.63 since I started with adsense.  Not quit the retirement plan but I am sure that I will make up the money that I spent in the next few months and the lessons that I learned have helped me truly understand the Longtail Keyword concept.

I have built another 25 niche websites since the initial 20 and things seem to be getting easier to do and the results are getting better with each website that I build.  I have decided to keep building the websites and see what the results are.

My next post will go into detail on how I am finding the domains and niche ideas for the new websites.

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