Pay Per Click

pay per clickPay Per Click advertising (Google adwords) is the single greatest way for lead generation.  Your website can produce top search results and function great but with out the use of Pay per click advertising your online marketing will always be missing something.

Our system with Pay per click lead generation can produce results much greater and more targeted than traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  With SEO, it is hard to guarantee search results.  You can be on the 1st page one day and the 5th page the next day.  

The search engines are always changing what they consider when placing a site.  With Pay Per Click advertisements you can focus on a specific product or target and get a higher pull through rate than any other service.

What we do with our Pay Per Click Marketing!

  • Use Negative Keywords to Filter wasteful, irrelevant clicks
  • Maximize your campaigns for high Quality PPC Scores
  • Raise click-through rates with strong keyword and text ad
  • Active PPC account management and optimization
  • Refining PPC campaigns with long-tail keyword research
  • Test multiple ads to optimize CTR and cost per conversion.

Pay Per Click Management

Pay per click campaigns need continuous management.  To effectively run a PPC campaign you will need to inspect the success of each of Google adwords campaigns on a regular basis.  Changes to each Pay Per Click ad is necessary from time to time to ensure the PPC ad is working for your company and meeting your needs.

Part of managing Pay Per Click campaigns includes figuring out which PPC ads work best and why, learning how to implement them into the marketplace to achieve top results.

What we do!

  • Consider keyword changes every 2 weeks
  • Remove, replace keywords that are non performing
  • Changes PPC ads as needed to ensure effectiveness
  • Rewrite ineffective text PPC ad accounts
  • Maintain daily limits to ensure all possible leads are captured


Real Pro Websites is based in Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati  Our primary focus is to work with small business owners who simply need help dealing with the continues changes the internet and marketing world throw their way.

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