Pro Mortgage Calculator

Pro Mortgage Calculator



New update is released 5/1/13.  Please update your application to receive the new features. 

FHA has changed the Monthly PMI by increasing it.

Other changes to note.

  • Added a Principle & Interest field to all calculations
  • Annual Tax field was changed from Monthly to annually to help agents with calculations
  • Home Insurance Filed now accepts Annual amount vs. Monthly


Versions supported

  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4, 4s
  • iPhone 3g
  • iPad ALL versions

Pro Mortgage Calculator features the most up to date calculations for all mortgage transactions. Real estate agents or Mortgage loan officers on the go can quickly calculate a FULL mortgage payment including PMI and funding fees. No more having to guess on the PMI or Loan Amounts, no need to do several calculations to come up with the full payment just enter a few numbers and you are ready to go. Email the calculation results or calculate savings based on additional payments calculator.

Pro Mortgage Calculator is designed by a mortgage professional so the calculations are accurate. The simple use of the calculator will help provide payment answers to your clients a breeze.

Consumers can use the Pro Mortgage Calculator as well. By simply putting a few details you can have a full payment you can rely on without having mortgage knowledge

*****Application stays up to date with latest industry changes*****

iPhone 5 Screenshots.

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What sets Pro Mortgage apart from the other calculators?

Pro mortgage Calculator is the most complete mortgage calculator with the easiest process. Other calculators will only calculate a partial payment relying on the user to understand how to calculate the rest. Keeping things simple Pro Mortgage Calculator does all of the heavy lifting.

Unique Loan Calculator features

  • Final Loan amounts include Funding fees for FHA, VA, Rural Housing
  • Pmi based on actual loan program calculations and terms
  • Built in amortization calculator
  • Email calculations with amortization tables

Pro Mortgage Calculator calculates the following loan types

  • VA Loan Calculator
  • Rural Housing Loan Calculator
  • FHA Loan Calculator
  • Conventional Loan Calculator
  • General Mortgage Calculator

With years of mortgage experience I understand how full payment calculations work. Being able to deliver a payment to your client can really help in your sales pitch. Keeping the surprises limited will make the transaction go smoother. This calculator was designed to hold your hand through a mortgage calculation and take out as many steps as possible. Simply enter in the purchase price, down payment, interest rate and taxes and Insurance.  Out comes the real mortgage payment including funding fees, PMI, home insurance, taxes and yes even an amortization schedule. Use the easy email feature and you can send the details to your client right away.

Living by the philosophy of “Keep it Simple”, I took out all of the mis-understood payment details and created a mortgage calculator that any one can use. No more scratch paper needed or phone calls to the loan officer because you can not figure out a payment that is correct.

iPad Screen Shots.

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Enjoy my creation and leave a review if the application suits your needs.

Please contact me with issues or concerns that you may have over the application or suggestions for additional features yo would like to see.

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