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Niche websites have been a part of my business for the last year or so.  I would call them a success so far as I have made more than I spent for the creation and promotion of the Niche Websites.  I have made more than double what I have spent on the Niche Websites so I am excited about that.  Needless to say the last few weeks have been difficult to process and figure out how to proceed with this part of my business.


EMD and Google Page Layout updates.

Google has been very busy the last few months and it seems like most of the updates were geared toward Niche Websites.  Of course that is the first thought when you see the kind of updates they were releasing.  Lets quickly review each of the updates and what the primary focus was on and you will see why at first I thought it was just Google trying to destroy my business (nice catch phrase)

EMD Update

The Exact Match update was simply to remove any additional value the domain name would give to the search value of the website.  Many look at this update as a penalty and this is simply from a lack of understanding with the updates.  One of the main reasons that me and everyone else would purchase a domain name like would be to take advantage of the additional value Google gave to the domain for exact match ranking.

I knew with little effort I could purchase a domain name like that and add a few articles with similar content and keyword focus I could rank for the exact match keyword.  That was the only reason I would pick similar domain names like  There is no way to really build a great website out of a domain name like that because it is so specific and wold give little help to one remembering the domain name or wanting to ink to it.

Google did get this one right even though it hurt my business online.  The entire focus of Google is to rank good content so the searcher would receive the best results for the query they entered.

Google-Changes-AlgorithimsPage Layout Update

This update seemed to actually hurt Google themselves which is one of the big reasons most did not see it coming.  Google Makes money off the ads that we place on our websites.  In fact they even gave us the outline to show where they found it acceptable to place the ads on the website.  The update actually went against the very things Google promoted as ok.  I think this is the main reason no one considered this as a possible update.

Why would Google punish websites that had too many ads above the fold?  Well the answer is simple.  The amount of complaints they were receiving must have been more than enough to induce a change.  Google still needs to produce good results to the searcher and having nothing but advertisements in your face when you come across a website can only make the searcher mad.  I don’t disagree with this change but it still hit the pocket-book and that did not feel too good.

The details to understand about these updates

This lends more to the idea that you can never fully trust any third-party company.  On one hand Google is telling us something is allowed and then later they tell us it is against policy and will be penalized.  You can not simply go by what other companies tell you to do or not to do.  Take your own personal experience and develop what works for you because each of us will be different.

Google wants all websites to be on the same level playing field.  This of course is speaking right to the EMD updates.  Giving you extra value for a domain name actually makes no sense.  The rankings should be on the value of the content not just a few words in the url.

What am I doing different today after the updates?

The updates have rattled my cage a little bit, but they have given me more hope that all of the really bad websites that were sucking up top page results were now much easier to beat and in most cases just gone from the rankings.

I am trying out a new strategy to take multiple websites that are not performing very well and combining them into one common website.  Example I have 5 websites that all deal with real estate and investing.  Each one does OK online, not enough to retire on but still worth having.  Given the current changes it seems the websites need to much stronger to rank well and old those rankings.  I am thinking that by taking the top website of the 5 and combining the content from the other websites to the main site.  Taking the other websites down of course but in hops of making the one website stronger and more authoritative.

I am not building any links to these websites.

I have decided that with all of the changes with link building and the real lack of understanding how to proceed with it I am not going to be doing any link building.  I do think there is some value still in this part of the niche website business.  Links remain a strong factor in the rankings but it is still really unclear how much of a results.

I run more than 100 websites and some of them are for clients that I do some SEO work for.  I have several websites that rank very well with less than 5 links to the website.  The only considerable value I can seem to find it the high quality unique content that i produced for those websites.  I have several websites with 100’s of quality links and less quality value that do not rank very well.

Google-Ranking-variablesThere are several variables here which include

  • Difference in domain name age
  • Quality in writing
  • Quality in back links
  • Some social engagement
  • Location specific keywords over non GEO specific

These variations make it really hard to figure out what is more important.  I continue to read that content is King and so for the time being this will be my over all motto.  Focus on content and see what happens.


My hope with all of this is to test the theory that less is more.  Few websites will be created per month this way but higher quality websites will be the end result.  I think this will give me several good results.

  • Better traffic and rankings with Google.
  • Potential for higher resale in the future when I am done with this part of the business
  • A strong network of websites to possible use in the future for link building tactics.

Stick around for future updates on how this works for me in the future.  I think it will change the full direction of my business but I am very excited for that.  Please leave your comments, I am very interested in your thoughts on these changes.

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