To write an E-Book or not to write an E-book, That is the question!


If I am being honest with myself, I am not the best writer in the world in fact I do not enjoy it all that much.  I love to read what others write in small articles and post, in fact I spend more time taking in content than I really have the time for.   I have decided to take the advise of the Sterling & Jay over at the Internet Business Mastery on the topic of content.  I have loaded up my Google reader with the top 10 websites that I will read and are limiting my reading time to 1 hour per day.  It seems that you can take in to much content and end up getting nothing accomplished in the process.  I may know more but have less to show for it.

E-books seem to be on every website.  Most people give a small 3-5 page e-book as a way to increase subscribers to a mailing list.  While I must admit this is part of my reason for considering to write an e-book it is not my only reason.  I truly want to create something that others can use to help make their websites stronger and have better seo and content.  The added e-mail list will be great as well.

My hesitation has always revolved around whether I could actually write the e-book and if it would be readable or not.  I guess there is only one way to find out.

I have decided to give it a shoot and see how an e-book turns out.  My experience is with SEO so this seems to be a good place to start.  I am not sure how long this will take but I am shooting to have it completed in 3 weeks.  I am not sure of what the normal length is for an e-book but I am looking in the 30-40 page range.  Now that I am ready to do this I am very excited.

I must say thanks to all of the bloggers out there who keep pushing others to do more.  I am continuing to be a creator of content.

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